Nowadays everything has a brand and marketing campaign. What about nature?
— Justin Bogardus, writer/director of Nature Rx

Nature Rx: a new campaign for humans and nature.

On some level we all know time outside is good for us - some exercise, a nice way to relax... Turns out spending more time in nature actually means so much more. Research shows that more time in nature not only greatly improves your overall health, cognitive functioning, and sense of well-being, but importantly leads to making better environmental decisions. It's good for the planet and for us humans. If nature can do all that, then why don't more people know about it? The creators of Nature Rx wondered the same thing and thought an updated message with a humorous twist might help, so we created an all new campaign of videos that remind people about how enjoyable and vital nature really is.  


A new Campaign for humans 

In our busy and crowded world, it's easy to forget the value of getting outdoors. Rather than further diagnosing the problem, how people become materially more wealthy, but personally less happy, Nature Rx wants to offer simple and easy solutions, to meet people where they are today with the right balance of humor and good sense. Nature Rx suggests just giving it a try: spend more time in nature today, a little bit more when you can, and see what happens. Sure, the weather may not always be perfect, but get out there anyways. There is literally so much to discover about yourself and the world around you when you step outdoors and into nature. Just remember to leave it better than you found it. Always pick up after yourself and try to avoid disturbing plants and animals that are better off wild.  


A nEw CAMPAIGN for nature 

Polar bears, climate change, mass extinctions!? Ahhh! Get me out of here. Often the news headlines about our plant are overwhelming, leaving many of us wondering what we can do. Nature Rx wants to create a different approach to inform and motivate change - to have more people see themselves as a part of nature and not separate from it. We believe if you really want to change something for the better you have to care about it and see its value directly. That's why getting outdoors can help the planet - to facilitate a positive relationship between humans and nature - not a bad relationship, where humans never call and always have an excuse. 

In this way preserving and supporting nature is seen as a direct benefit to you, your friends, and everyone else. Nature Rx wants to tell that story in ways that are fun, accessible, and inspiring.  We hope in the process to support the conversation around creating nature everywhere - in our cities, in our lives, in our economy and in our thinking about the future of our planet.

In the future, doctors may tell you take two ‘doses of nature’ and call in the morning.
— The Washington Post