Justin has trouble staying still. He is basically pretty fidgety: filming in prisons, creating indie films, and for a period getting lost in reality TV (haunted houses with no night vision). 

Adventuring, writing, directing comedies and animations, Justin got his start over 10 years ago in television, where he produced and edited several award-winning documentaries about restoring justice to wrongfully convicted men languishing behind bars for crimes they did not commit. 

He has only once been kicked out of a poetry reading.


Joe inherited an obsession with the moving image from his cinephile father. Over the past decade Joe developed extensive technical knowledge of the industry by working in an array of areas, including documentary, commercial and fashion, reality television, feature films, corporate films and music videos. Somehow he is also an awesome Dad to his two young girls. 



Jed is not an actor. Oh no, he is man of the world and a man of the moment.

Way back in 2014, Jed was the initial inspiration for Nature Rx, when he posted a 20 second web video on Facebook. Currently Jed is volunteering and traveling in Southeast Asia for no-one-knows-how long, after selling his small, but successful bicycle delivery soup company in Portland, OR. Jed used to work as a bike mechanic. He has an extensive background and education in developing sustainable businesses

and of course enjoying Nature! 


Cassandra Ellis started her freelance graphic and web design company, Cassandra Ellis Studios in 2007.  She has been designing brands and marketing materials for a wide variety of clients in the Philadelphia and New York City area.

Dream Tree Films & Productions is the home of Nature Rx. Helmed by director/producer Justin Bogardus, DTFP is dedicated to creative, thought-provoking movies and original entertainment with over 10 years experience creating award-winning films, television, documentaries, promos and shorts.

Smash! is production services and the inevitable partnership of three creative/analytical/technical/hip dudes with a combined 50 years of experience in the business. Joe, Graham and Joel have worked together for over a decade and joined forces in 2008 to create a small company svelte enough to do every job right in an increasingly demanding industry that begs for a streamlined digital production workflow. Partnering with top agencies Smash! has produced projects for IBMNASCARCitizen’s BankBlack RockKate SpadeScholastic, and Peace First.