Nature Rx: Kids!  is already in pre-production to be released in 2016.


Nature Rx: Kids! is already in pre-production to be released in 2016.

Nature Rx is just getting started... 

With the success of NatureRx's first series of commercial spoofs we are making more mock commercials and content to inspire all kinds of people from all over to get outdoors. We are also partnering with like-minded organizations and building a community of Nature Rx fans. Join us: subscribe to our email list or become a part of our supporter community

In development...

More Nature Rx spoof commercials FOR all folks worldwide:

Nature Rx: Kids! - spoof commercials for families and a diversity communities about benefits of getting outdoors)
Naturaleza Rx - fun Spanish-speaking spoof commercials with talent from all over the Spanish speaking world 
Nature Rx: Nighttime -Insomnia is rampant. Can some wisdom from nature and fun spoof humor help? We think so.
Nature Rx: Cities - Fun tips and spoofing about how to enjoy the outdoor and get a dose of nature in urban environments.
Nature Rx: India - Our hope to reach the subcontinent (soon to be most populous and ecologically strained country)

Content, PSAs, & Partnerships:

Supporting and promoting non-profit organizations, which bring city kids out to nature.
Comedy satire posters about the healing and humorous aspects of nature.
Eco-friendly gear for outdoors, office, and home, with Nature-Rx brand logos to remind you and all who see your cool gear to get outdoors and benefit from nature. 
Partnering with worthy businesses and non-profit organizations who recognize the need to build new and deeper bonds with nature and natural living.
Fun Public Service Announcements blending comedy and entertainment with more practical information about Nature Deficit Disorder and how to incorporate nature into your lives in ways that are easy, manageable, and fun.  
Nature does nothing uselessly.
— Aristotle