Nature Rx is happy for the ongoing encouragement and support OF WILD Foundation - a PIONEERING leader in preserving AND OFFERING wilderness for EVERYONE WORLDWIDE.

Invest in Wild Nature

People can’t protect what they don’t value. For 40 years, WILD has created new environmental practice and ethics in dozens of locations around the world, by uniting practical solutions with cultural values – forging a connection that sustains environmental protections for the long-haul. In 2015 WILD:

  • Enhanced protections for nearly 8 million acres of elephant habitat in Mali, working with 54 local communities to protect a rare herd of desert elephants from poaching and habitat loss.
  • Stoked a movement of rising conservation leaders in 14 countries by providing new opportunities for innovative conservationists under the age of 35.
  • Advanced international policy for the management and protection of wilderness everywhere – -working with global institutions, national governments, and traditional communities!